Why Give

One in five Americans are lacking healthcare insurance and are suffering from unmet medical needs. Healing Bridge Clinic is working with the Fayette County medical community to develop a program for helping those in need.

Thanks to our generous community, we have been able to remain open, serving patients in several Georgia counties, by providing education initiatives to patients for staying healthy and managing their health by providing preventive care such as blood pressure checks and vaccinations.

Many patients would not otherwise seek medical care, putting themselves, and others, at risk.Your contribution is deeply appreciated.

The clinic’s annual operating expenses are funded with grants, private donations, and funds raised from special events. Generous contributions from Board members, individuals, churches, corporations, foundations, and civic groups enable the clinic to provide quality healthcare and compassionate support free of charge to our patients in need.

The Healing Bridge Clinic is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations to the clinic are tax deductible. 

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