A Vision. A Passion. One Amazing Community.

Published 8/1/2019 by Chichi McElroy, PA-C

A Nurse’s Vision with a Passion To Serve

Ruth McCommon, a nurse and a church member in our Peachtree City community, had a vision to make a difference in the lives of our fellow neighbors who had no medical care. Her passion grew from seeing the desperate situation that many of our uninsured residents found themselves in. So, Ruth brought together a team of Peachtree City leaders that included a pastor, an administrator, a pharmacist, a lawyer, a CPA, and a church. Together with the support of our amazing community, her vision came to life when the Healing Bridge Clinic opened its doors on September 24th, 2009.

Who We Provide For

Healing Bridge Clinic is a faith-based free clinic that provides primary health care to the uninsured residents of Fayette, Coweta & South Fulton counties who are within the 200% Federal Poverty Income Level Guidelines.  According to these guidelines for 2019, this means that a family of four who makes an annual income under $51,500 can find free medical care at the clinic to help them out. Many families in our community fall into this category. Whether it’s due to the recent loss of a job or for those families that must work multiple part-time jobs that offer no health insurance, Healing Bridge Clinic is here to provide medical care to these families in order to keep them healthy so that they can continue to provide for their families.

What We Provide

The Healing Bridge Clinic exists to meet the health, spiritual, and emotional needs of our community. This is done in the form of weekly clinics where compassionate healthcare professionals from our own community volunteer their services on a regular basis.

In addition to family medicine, the clinic is also able to provide services in many specialties such as: Dermatology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Mental Health Counseling, Chiropractic Care, and even Physical Therapy. 

Where We’re Headed

The clinic continues to expand its services, as well as, its needs in order to meet the demands of our community.  By the end of this year, the clinic will have provided care for almost 1,000 patient visits and almost $650,000 worth of medical services. This is only possible due to our amazing partners and our compassionate volunteers who, by the end of this year, will have culminated almost 10,000 hours of volunteer work. 

Why Community Clinics are Important

Community clinics help to serve the uninsured population that otherwise would not have access to the same standard of medical care and preventive services that are available to the insured population. This is likely to lead to delays in disease diagnosis that ultimately leads to poor health outcomes, as well as, higher healthcare costs. Most uninsured patients either choose to not seek medical care or end up at the emergency department. Free clinics lessen the burden placed on our emergency departments, while still providing quality care to those who need it most.

Healing Bridge Clinic will continue to be the “bridge” for our neighbors who are caught in the healthcare gap as well as alleviating the strain placed on our local hospitals. 

Why Healing Bridge Clinic Loves Peachtree City

Peachtree City exemplifies the ultimate community.  It’s not only an extremely safe town, but it’s also a town with a culture where we truly care for our fellow neighbors and look out for each other.  Taking care of your neighbor is an adage that has held firm and true here in Peachtree City and continues to be one of its strongest mottos!

The Healing Bridge Clinic is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that survives on charitable contributions and a large part of those are from the extremely compassionate donors that live right here in Peachtree City.  As a member of the GA Charitable Care Network, Healing Bridge Clinic is able to provide $10 of medical care for every $1 donated. We cannot say thank you enough to our amazing philanthropic and “big-hearted” neighbors for playing an active role in bettering the lives of all of those in our community.

To say that Ruth McCommon knew what she was doing by choosing Peachtree City as the home of Healing Bridge Clinic is the understatement of the century.

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